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About Us

The Nineteen Creative are a collaborative group of young individuals whose work spans multiple disciplines. With experience in branding, graphic design, illustration, photography and more, we believe the key to our clients' success is more than aesthetics. No matter what the project is, finding a concept, message or set of values to connect with can provide both a guide and an anchor that lasts well into the future.

Take our brand, for example. Our colour palette, logo and its variants all reflect our vision for bringing together unique minds to create fresh ideas that stand out, especially in a society like today's. And this goal continues to steer us in the right direction.
We hope to help our clients do the same, to ensure they find and present their most authentic selves to their audience, setting them up for long term success. If you have a project in mind or are simply interested in having a chat, please let us know!
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More Than a Studio

It's not often that university group projects work out smoothly, but strangely in our case it did. Since meeting on our first day, we happened to click quite instantly and went on to working closely together for another four years of our creative degrees. After testing out some shared side hustles and wondering what we would do after graduating, it was clear that our different skills make for a well-balanced team.
And so, here we are with The Nineteen Creative (a project 4+ years in the making), sharing our passion for helping others and making a difference through design.

Just like you, we're more than a studio or a brand name! Get to know us below and feel free to comment or DM us with other interesting questions.
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Dana has a passion for helping others grow and market their own business, even when they're just thinking about having one. She loves sunsets, going for hikes, chilled r&b music, playing guitar and running when she doesn't feel lazy.

Sunrise or Sunset?

I would say sunset time! I love to do walks in time to watch the sun set and see its reflection on the water. I like it most especially when the sky is bathed in hues of purple, pink and blue.


Earth, Water, Fire, Air - Choose your element.

Air - I'm always thinking and daydreaming about future possibilities or alternative plans of attack to any problem I come across. With my head often up in the clouds, it lets me find abstract solutions in creative situations.

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Sandra loves anime movies, gaming, her cat Pepper (or just cats in general), and has a growing enthusiasm for k-pop. With experience in graphics, illustration and web design, she often engages with creative concepts that bring together organic and digital methods.

Sunrise or Sunset?

I wouldn't call myself an early bird, but there's something about early mornings that I really like. The sun's just starting to rise, everything's quiet and the world is getting ready for a new day ahead.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air - Choose your element.

Air! You can manipulate any other element or object with the power of air. Some might call this indecision, but I call it being able to use the resources around you to your advantage.

DIY Plant Hanger
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Kawai is known for her watercolours and nature photography, aiming to share a little slice of tranquility with every piece. When she's not capturing moments through art, you can find her enjoying good food or chilling with her goldfish.

Sunrise or Sunset?

I love the time when the sun starts to set. I love seeing nature's beauty, the afternoon glow and the pretty colours that are different in each sunset. It's the perfect time for inspiration to seep!

Earth, Water, Fire, Air - Choose your element.

Air - You can't see it but you can feel it. It can be free, mysterious, and flows in all directions - just like my creativity. I don't know where it will take me, but following it might lead me to a place I've never been.

Our Team
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